Distance Learning: Classroom Set Ups for Virtual or Concurrent Instruction

If you're looking for an effective way to set up your classroom whether you're fully virtual or teaching students concurrently (both in person and virtually), here are a couple of ideas for you.

Concurrent Teaching: Kayla Stephens
In 5th grade, Kayla Stephens is using this arrangement. Students will skip desks to maintain social distancing, and they're all facing the front of the room to limit face-to-face talking. 

Virtual Teaching: Kindergarten
In Amy Stevenson's room, she has set up a mini-classroom setting so she has everything at her fingertips and the students can see a smaller version of a classroom. She's using the plastic three drawer unit to the left to teach students and parents how to organize students' materials at home.

Here is how Amy's set up her computers for virtual learning:
  • She is logged into her Zoom account on both computers. On computer A, she is the host. On computer B, she is the cohost.
  • Computer A is what she is using to share her screen and run her slides.
  • Computer B is what she is using to see and interact with students so that she can see them all at one time. For older grades, I can see that this is how you'd also manage the chat.

I know you'll all be trying new ideas and working out the kinks as you learn, so please let me know what you find that works well for you and your kids. All teachers may teach all three ways at some point this year, so sharing is most definitely caring right now!

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