Distance Learning: What Are the Other Kids Doing? 7 Asynchronous Learning Ideas

One of the most common questions I'm hearing from teachers is, "But what are ideas for work my distance learning students can be doing when they're not online with me?" Of course, independent work you may have assigned in your whole group lesson is always a good first option. Beyond that, here are 7 ideas for what your students can do when they're not online with you.

  • Epic!: Create a free classroom account and share with students and families how they can read online at home.
  • ReadWorks: Set up a ReadWorks account, and you can push reading passages and quizzes straight to your Google Classroom. This is a great way to work in science and social studies content, too! (Thank you, Whitney Heckert, for this idea.
  • Leveled readers: We have loads of free leveled readers from a previous Reading Series That Shall Not Be Named. Check the third and sixth grade hallways for leveled readers that may appeal to your distance learning students and send some home in your take-home crates for independent reading. For accountability, you could ask students to record their reading in a paper or digital reading log and check on it periodically.
  • Decodable readers: For students who still need practice with decodable reading, here are some resources that you can use in addition to EL's decodables:
  • Math spiral review boards: Sherri Janisse is using the math spiral review boards from the MCS site for additional practice, both for her distance learning and in-person students.
  • Padlet choice boards: Padlet is a free, online version of a bulletin board that is intuitive to use and lends itself really well to an online choice board. You could curate a list of links to online practice or research resources you want students to explore. Caroline Houchens has used this in her classroom, and it worked really well; reach out to her if you'd like to learn more!
  • Choice boards: Don't forget about all that work y'all did this past spring on choice boards! Many of those activities can be used for distance learning now, as long as they're aligned with current standards you're teaching.

If you have other ideas for asynchronous learning that are working for you, please let me know so I can share!

Thanks for all you do,

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