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 Looking for articles, podcasts, books, blogs, videos, and research to build your knowledge of the instructional shifts in literacy that are called for by research and evidence?
You're in the right place.



  • Hard Words: Why Aren't Kids Being Taught to Read? Article
  • At a Loss for Words: How a flawed idea is teaching millions of kids to be poor readers: Article
  • I'm a Terrific Reading Teacher, Why Should I Follow the Research? Article
  • The Reading Brain: Article
  • The Usefulness of Brief Instruction in Reading Comprehension Strategies: Article
  • Reading Workshop: How Not to Teach Reading Comprehension: Article
  • Letting the Text Take Center Stage: Article
  • Comprehension Skills or Strategies: Article and Article
  • Understanding the Standards Shifts in ELA/Literacy: Resources
  • Failing by Design: How We Make Teaching Too Hard for Mere Mortals: Article
  • Literacy is Knowledge: Article
  • Why Teaching Content Matters: Article
  • College- and Career-Ready Shifts: Website
  • How Knowledge Helps: Article
  • Elementary Classrooms Are Too Noisy for Kids to Learn (Small Group Instruction): Article
  • Rethinking How We Teach Reading in Elementary School: Article
  • How to Teach Vocabulary for Reading Comprehension: Blog Post


  • Checking for Understanding by Fisher and Frey: Book (excerpt)



  • The Problem of Teaching Literacy Backwards: Webinar


  • Curriculum Matters: Blog
  • TNTP Knowledge Matters: Blog
  • Education Week - Getting Reading Right: Blog


  • Teaching Students to Read Complex Text with Tim Shanahan: Video
  • David and Meredith Liben on a Text First Approach: Video


  • NAEP - The Nation's Report Card: Website
  • TDOE - Data Downloads: Website
  • MCS Grades 3-6 Literacy Framework Research Base: Document
  • The Effects of Dyad Reading and Text Difficulty on Third Graders' Reading Achievement: Research
  • Student Achievement Partners - Research Supporting the Common Core ELA Literacy Shifts and Standards: Article
  • EdReports - Why Instructional Materials Matter: Website
  • LIFT Network - Before and After HQIM Samples of Student Work: Sample Set

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