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Looking to dig into the basics of implementing EL Education curricular materials really well?
You're in the right place.

Getting Started with EL

  • EL Education K-8 Language Arts Curriculum Overview: Video
  • Three Dimensions of Student Achievement: Website
  • Orientation to Materials for Grades 3-5: Video
  • EL Teacher Manual Overview: Article
  • Things I Wish I Had Known: Blog post
  • Open Up Resources: Website

Introduction to the Modules

  • Intro to Modules for Grades 3-5: Video
  • Module Structure: Prezi
  • Module At-a-Glance Charts (choose 2017): Webpage

Internalizing an EL Lesson

  • Using a Learning Target Through a Lesson: Video
  • Think Aloud Modeling Lesson Internalization: Video
  • Internalize the Lesson Protocol: Template

Management in the Active Classroom

  • Management in the Active Classroom: Video
  • Collaborative Culture Protocols: Self-Guided Learning
  • Classroom Responsibilities: Video 
  • Voice: Video
  • Setting up Your Classroom Environment: Video
  • Creating Class Norms: Video
  • Problem Solving and Consequences for Poor Choices: Video

EL Education: The Core 4 - Close Reading

  • Framework for Close Reading: Article
  • Close Reading: Video
  • Grappling with Complex Fiction Through Close Reading: Video
  • Grappling with Complex Informational Text Through Close Reading: Video
  • David and Meredith Liben on a Text First Approach: Video
  • Close Reading Internalization Guide: Template

EL Education: The Core 4 - Vocabulary Instruction

  • Teaching Academic and Discipline-Specific Vocabulary: Article
  • Interactive Word Walls - Upper Grades: Video
  • Interactive Word Walls - Lower Grades: Video
  • Explicit Vocabulary Instruction: Video
  • Vocabulary and the Common Core: Document

EL Education: The Core 4 - Language Dives

  • What is a Language Dive: Article
  • Language Dive Overview: Video
  • Implementing Language Dives: Video
  • Small Group Language Dive: Video
  • Behind the Practice: Approaching Language Dives: Video
  • Empowering ELLs through Language Dives: Article
  • Why Do Language Dives Matter?: Blog Post
  • What Teachers Need to Know about Sentence Comprehension: Blog Post

EL Education: The Core 4 - Writing and The Painted Essay

  • Vermont Writing Collaborative: Website
  • Painted Essay Template: Document
  • Painted Essay Explanation and Example: Video
  • Painted Essay Poster: Poster
  • Writing Instruction in EL Education: Document
  • Reading For and Writing With Evidence: Document

EL Core Practices

EL Education Protocols

  • The What, Why, and How of Protocols: Document
  • 8 High-Leverage EL Instructional Practices: Document
  • EL Education Protocols Version 1: E-book
  • EL Education Protocols Version 2: E-book
  • EL Education Protocols in Action: Videos
  • Think-Pair-Share: Video
  • Back-to-Back and Face-to-Face: Video
  • Science Talk: Video

ALL Block

  • Implementing the ALL Block: Video
  • Implementing the ALL Block: Manual
  • All Block Overview: Video
  • Behind the Practice: Approaching the ALL Block: Video
  • The Five Components of ALL Block: Document
  • How ALL Block Components Connect to Modules: Document
  • ALL Block Posters: Google Slides
  • Independent Reading Sample Plans: Document
  • Importance of a Volume of Reading: Document

Deeper Learning in Literacy

  • Engaging Students in Collaborative Academic Discussions: Video
  • Checking for Understanding: Video
  • A Group Critique Lesson: Video
  • Austin's Butterfly: Building Excellence in Student Work: Video
  • Structures for Using Data with Students: Video

EL Education - Books

  • Your Curriculum Companion: The Essential Guide to Teaching the EL Education K-5 Language Arts Curriculum: Book
  • Management in the Active ClassroomBook
  • Leaders of Their Own Learning: Book
  • Transformational Literacy: Book
  • We Are Crew: A Teamwork Approach to School Culture: Book


Coaching with EL Education

  • Instructional Leadership Overview: Website
  • Instructional Coaches in EL Education: Website
  • Beliefs about Instructional Coaching in EL Education Schools: Website
  • Two Approaches to Coaching: Website
  • Instructional Coaching Cycles in EL Education Schools: Website
  • Establishing Coaching Relationships: Document
  • Effective Coaching Practices: Website
  • Initial Coach Meeting Agenda to Launch a Coaching Cycle: Document
  • Coaching Observation Tool: Document
  • Setting Coaching Cycle Goals: Document
  • Using Student Evidence in Coaching: Document
  • Agenda for Facilitating a Final Coaching Reflection: Document
Coaching for Change PD Packs
  • Coaching for Change - Effective Instructional Coaching: PD Pack
  • Coaching for Change - Giving Feedback: PD Pack
  • Coaching for Change - Teacher-Centered Coaching: PD Pack
  • Coaching for Change - Student-Centered Coaching: PD Pack
  • Coaching for Change - Professional Development: PD Pack
  • Coaching for Change - Video-Based Coaching: PD Pack

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