Language Dives with Jamboard

Kayla Stephens, who teaches 5th grade at Salem Elementary, had a Language Dive success recently that was too good not to share. 

Instead of cutting out strips of the sentence and having the students arrange them in the correct order, she put the chunks on Jamboard and had the students arrange them using this digital tool. 

Turns out, Jamboard isn't just for collaboration. Kayla made a copy of a Jamboard for each student in Google Classroom, and each one will have his or her own board where they can work with the sentence chunks during the practice part of a Language Dive. 

Here's what it looked like when one of her students rearranged the sentence chunks in a different order than the original sentence, while still maintaining the author's meaning.

As an extension, students could add another digital sticky note under each of the chunks to restate it in their own words, and the collaborative nature of Jamboard means that students could easily work together if you prefer even while socially distanced.

This is an easy, low-prep alternative to using paper sentence strips during a Language Dive that is environmentally friendly, maintains the intellectual rigor of the work, AND will save you a bit on your copy count to boot.

What's not to love? Thanks, Kayla, for the share!

Here's to simply teaching well,

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